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Release time:2016-01-04

Printing quality: from design to start

If in the market to see different brands of the same type products, a packaging cool, the price is a bit expensive. Another packaging dull lackluster, but slightly cheaper price point. As a consumer, you will choose what kind of it?

With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, consumer of the product packaging design and higher, some consumers or even just by love of packaging products as standard of purchase. So a successful product packaging can not only attract consumers eyeball, stimulate consumer desire to buy, also can be in a certain extent, the dissemination of the brand concept, establish brand image, which led to brand sales. So design and printing what relationship?

Talk about design and printing, the two seemingly never what relation, in fact, there is a unified whole, are closely linked. For a brand product packaging design, designers only from the aesthetic point of view is not enough, but also consider the colour collocation, the use of materials, printing process and customer cost the budget, and some of the characteristics of their own brand, such as brand image, brand culture, brand concept and product positioning. However, the industry has a considerable part of the designers do not understand the printing process, the design concept was really good, but because of the lack of comprehensive consideration of various factors, does not meet the actual production requirements and the needs of the market, will run aground often.

In fact, before printing design is one of the most basic and most important. A process or the printing process design effect of the selection. Usually, a senior designer, will first communicate with customers, understand customer needs and customer to product positioning, and also will provide some constructive the comments or suggestions for customers. In the design process, he will consider many factors of aesthetics, psychology, budget and regional cultural environment, the integration of all the requirements, design a sample works. Because of the different materials, different printing process, and the production process is complicated, such as pre film plate, after the film, proofing, glazing, hot foil, pressure type, every detail is likely to affect the design and presentation of results. Therefore, in order to effectively present their own design, make the products and packages of perfect fusion, designers need to Comprehensive consideration of the entire process, both the prepress and Postpress. Designers have to fully understand these processes, in order to design the works meet the public's aesthetic point of view, to meet the practical requirements of production and market needs.

From traditional printing to digital printing, change not just the printing technology, printing material, printing technology is also developing rapidly. Such as a new type of environmentally friendly materials, degradable materials. As a designer, we should know how to keep abreast of the times the pace of, understanding of a variety of advanced printing equipment, printing technology, printing of new materials, real-time grasp the technical front pulse, its design concept and the latest printing technology perfect combination, provide a better solution for customers, to meet customer and market demand. On the contrary, designers will be obsolete.

In short, guiding the design of printing, the printing effect, both closely linked inseparable. Therefore, a successful printing products, not only science, art, crystallization, should is the perfect combination of design and printing process.

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