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How to do a good job of printing machine maintenance

Release time:2016-01-04

How to do a good job of printing machine maintenance

Many advantages of imported printing machine has been widely recognized, how to make the maintenance of the printing machine to do a good job?

Due to the increase in color group and various auxiliary device, the maintenance of the equipment also put forward higher requirements. In Heidelberg 4-color sheetfed printing machine as an example, the oil eye have hundreds of, for the regulation of the small motor also hundreds of units, as well as dusting device, automatic cleaning roller device, run a hybrid version of the device, the maintenance work is complex. How to do maintenance work, give full play to the equipment efficiency, actually is not easy. Now a circulation maintenance method is introduced to everyone, for the reference of the printing industry.

, under the premise of the normal daily maintenance, according to equipment four color structure characteristics, the monthly maintenance. The contents of the first half of the year maintenance decomposition to each week. First of all every week maintenance a printing unit, including the following:

(1) all rollers of the unit, focus on examination of COTS calcification phenomenon, whether the lack of oil bearing, the roller pressure is to adjust

(2) to clean the drum teeth of the unit, to the opening of the ball to the ball

(3) cleaning device for cleaning the unit of the unit

(4) removal of the accumulation of other parts of the unit of the ink.

Second, due to the part of the paper easy to accumulate dust and paper, part of the paper easy accumulation of dusting, every week maintenance. The approach is absorbing the dust with a vacuum cleaner, such as fuel oil are eye. In addition, the key parts (such as the rotary valve, etc.) is essential for the inspection.

Three, is a peripheral device, including electrical cabinet, pump combination cabinet, dampening liquid mixing tank, compressed air cabinet maintenance, every week maintenance one, the focus is remove dust, clean the filter.

So within a month, the major components of the machine can at least maintain a. The normal operation of the machine about half a year, to arrange 1 ~ 2 working days, to all the tooth row oil eyes again oil, check the host whether to replace or add oil, control maintenance manual check without missing any of the maintenance content. In a word, only earnestly the above work, in order to do a four-color offset printing machine maintenance.

Should pay attention to is maintenance can become a mere formality, even if the content listed more, after a couple of times in the actual operation, rational division of personnel, cooperate tacit understanding, each just 4 to 5 hours to be able to complete.

In actual work there are two points need to pay particular attention to: one is the standard action, all sorts of copolymerization, cleaning agent selection to the right, neither available sharp tool shovel row roller, cots, also cannot use the reducing agent, bananas, water cleaning cots or machine paint layer, maintenance of electrical cabinet must electrical engineer.

Second to do detailed records, including the maintenance of the main parts, maintenance methods, to discover the hidden and maintenance project, so as to prevent the omission, can also make the team learn from each other and complement each other. Under special circumstances this week can not be completed in next week maintenance schedule pre arranged to ensure the maintenance of the site to implement one by one.

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